Mobile App Company: We Build Mobile Software for Your Business

We are a team of professional app developers specialised in iOS, Android, Window and web app creation. We provide a dedicated team of programmers, designers and QA experts well-versed in mobile and web technologies. IT specialists are committed to developing the app project till it becomes a perfection. Hiring our mobile app company for your app idea realisation, you get highly experienced and competent IT professionals focused on your business.

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What we do

Our app development company has been helping businesses to go mobile since 2010 and gained a wealth of expertise in all mobile ecosystem studying this industry sector inside out. The company works with a range of clients from startups to established brands delivering mobile software products for the variety of industries from Medicine and Finance to Entertainment and Publishing. Our software company faced the diversity of technical challenges learning to overcome them utilising the expertise and creativity, now it helps us to guide customers through the development process providing flexible and transparent approach.
iOS mobile apps

We are expert in building custom-designed iPhone and iPad software solutions for customer companies with over 100 apps successfully submitted into the Apple App Store. The experience and regularly enriching knowledge make us fully proficient in iOS development, utilising system and devices capabilities, and creating native feel and look. We have a well-versed in Objective-C and Apple’s Swift, Xcode IDE, and other native SDKs iOS team. These iOS developers have extensive expertise in integrating APIs and using Libraries and Frameworks. The testers and programmers will make sure that your application passes Apple’s strict review process and meets all the requirements.

Android Smartphones and Tablets

Android platform is the most popular in the UK and other European countries with 80% of mobile devices running this operating system. Our company has mobile developers competent in Java programming language and well-versed in Android Studio but can work with Eclipse, too, using advantages of each of this Integrated Development Environment. Android platform is less restricted than iOS and provides more opportunities to customise software to your requirements. Java team has access and regularly implies extensive Java libraries reducing development time without prejudice to code quality.

Windows Mobile

Recently updated Windows Mobile strives to the unification of the app development process for all the devices running this operating system. With over 50 million users Windows Mobile is worth noticing, and our company has an entire team dedicated to app development for this platform. With the developers who are proficient in Visual Studio and its SDK and Microsoft APIs, your app is in the right hands. If you aim at reaching Windows Phones owners, we will be happy to offer you the development services delivering high quality, engaging design and rich functionality.

Web Apps

Another option available for mobile devices is a development of a web application that doesn’t need storage space and works on every platform whether it is iOS, Android or Windows. The idea of web applications is that they are available for any device from a desktop computer to a smartphone via browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and others. Web apps are written with the help of web programming languages, frameworks and other tools. And our company has an expert team who are proficient in Javascript, CSS3, PHP, ASP.Net, HTML5 and other web technologies. Designers will make your app look great with a responsive and adaptive user interface, while programmers will ensure impressive performance with nearly native functionality.



Mobile app development implies a certain level of expertise, skills and understanding of IT industry as well as some insight on the industry for which the app needed to be developed. Our mobile app company has been delivering software solutions to multiple businesses working in different industry sectors for more than six years. For this time the company have built an efficient and productive workflow within the company establishing the development process on proven agile methods.


The app development company doesn’t just build ‘nice to have’ mobile application, we focus on the creation of software that solves real business problems. Our mission is to help clients to benefit from mobile technologies and empower people with smart apps. Business analysts and project managers assist customers in the determination of their business goals, developing a mobile strategy that helps to achieve the right business objectives and verification of the app idea. Our team conducts a thorough market research, studies your business to get a sufficient insight into your workflow and learn your competitors’ mobile strategies to exceed your expectations and leave the competitors behind.


Our company carefully regards every aspect of the mobile application paying special attention to its design as it responsible for such things as your brand promotion, navigation, and users attraction. After you and project manager discussed your app project and ran all the necessary researches, the design team starts to visualise your idea with UI and UX designs. The human interface designers unite aesthetically appealing form and user-friendly usability flow in the software utilising our expertise. Designers pay attention to all design details from colour pattern to icon implementing your brand throughout your app and ensuring that program reflects your business identity and its design fits its goals. We take you throughout the wireframing process keeping asking for your feedback to make sure that your application meets your requirements and appeals to you.


Developing mobile apps since 2010, company has gained sufficient expertise in writing clear and readable code that meets the coding standards and make your ideas real. Our company adheres to a collaborative development involving you in the software creation process making sure that your requirements are met. At first, we deliver you an MVP that represents the realisation of the program core functionality and design for your estimation. Having a working program in hand you don’t need to imagine what is your software will be like, but see the real product, feel it and try it, to acquire a clear understanding of what you need. As soon as you get this understanding, you can state what modifications the mobile program requires whether it is some navigation changes, features integration of some functionality removing. We work with you until you are completely satisfied with the results.


QA experts supervise your application till the deployment. QA engineers analyse technical challenges and find solutions to eliminate serious bugs keeping testing the application throughout the development. When the time comes, we help you to release the app taking all the worries and ensuring smooth submission. Post launch the company offers our maintenance services ensuring that you will get our support and help anytime you need it. Whether you want to update your mobile program or enlarge its functionality to meet your company growing demands, our IT experts will be here to help you.
  • Why work with us

    Mobile app creation is in demand, and you can find a lot of app development companies who can offer you their services in joint software development project, but not all of them provide such a perfect combination of time, quality and price. And here few things that enable us to provide such a beneficial offer. Our mobile app development company has an in-house team of developers with a background in IT and at least 3+ years experience of building software. Specialised and passionate developers and tech-driven designers explore, learn and implement the latest technologies in the development process reducing the time of the development and ensuring the highest quality of the end product. The company integrate cutting-edge tools and innovative technologies to build top-notch mobile solutions that impress with their functionality, performance and look.
  • Professionalism and Reliability

    As a B2B mobile app company, we have an in-depth understanding of business relationships and the importance of building long-term partnerships. Out team has a stellar reputation, and we keep approving it with every new app project. The app development company strives to bring desirable results on time and within the budget. With a business in mind, our developers create mobile solutions that help to increase your efficiency and attract more customers generating high ROI. The company provides enterprise-level services guaranteeing a high quality of the products and 24/7 support so you can always rely on our participation.
  • Flexibility

    For more than 6 years the company is engaged in IT industry providing clients with mobile software, we have learned different ways to do the job ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to our clients. We offer the most suitable approach and methodology. If you know well what you need and have already developed a project brief with a list of requirements, we will suggest you a waterfall development with strict documentation and establish timeframes and budget. In case if you are not sure what functionality you want to implement and need our help to validate your app idea we will offer you an agile development model with iterative development cycles enabling changes implementation throughout the development process and speed time to market minimising overall risk.
  • Transparency

    No matter what development methods you prefer, company specialists will ensure that your app development will be as clear for you as day. Our project managers speak with you in plain English explaining every aspect of the development and keep you informed about the slightest changes and results. Here at the app development company, we believe that if customers are involved in what we do for them, we increase our chances to meet all their requirements and deliver results that even exceed their expectations. We share industry insight and deliver clarity working with you, so you could be sure that your investments will pay off and generate revenue.
  • User-centred Approach

    The success of the application depends on the way the users accepted it. If it is a productive app for the employees, it should seamlessly integrate into the workflow simplifying its users’ work. If the app is targeted at customers, it should be useful and attractive for users to keep them engaged and making them coming back again and again. Be sure that we will implement irreplaceable functionality and intuitive interface that together interact with the users and make them love your application.