Professional App Designers to Meet your Business Requirements

Our London app design agency offers custom web solutions for clients around the world. Our app designers can provide entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and transform the vision into a first class design with destructive technical possibilities. The creative team consists of experts in mobile and web design, UI / UX tester. And they will gladly use their experience and skills to help your website succeed.

Our team of designers has the following experience:

  • Web/mobile design: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android: our designer creates a wonderful visual effect of your software program on any device.
  • Layout: composition of visual elements on the page, design of future interfaces.
  • Graphic design: includes planning and projection of ideas in the process of visual communication by graphic form, images, words.
  • User interface: Visually visualizes the user interfaces and the interactivity of the app.
  • UX design: optimization of tools for fun and intuitive use.
  • Icon / Template : Design of graphic symbols representing software products in the market and computer systems.
  • UI / UX test: evaluate the product by testing if the user is easy to use.
  • Logo design: implementation of your brand within the app to increase immediate public awareness.

Our designers are creating some creative and exclusive projects. We are proud of our designs, we investigate the latest trends and spend a lot of time to incorporate them into our work.

As an app development company, we provide a great experience in the design and programming of native applications and websites. We keep up-to-date with the most advanced technologies to create the best software.

We obey three main rules:

  • Design the app that the user likes. This rule allows the app to highlight all the different software in the market.
  • Remember that your company will always have to improve monetization and ROI. We are creating the opportunity to generate income with the software.
  • It should be a perfect combination of powerful features and user-friendly design.

Searching for Developers in London: Freelancers or a Professional Team

The process of developing custom applications is complex and requires the skills of creating codes and tools and special equipment. And here are two main options of a commercial company looking for a professional app designer.

Hire an Independent Professional

Today there are many opportunities to hire freelance designers. People who provide services in specific areas tend to be highly trained in their activities. But you have the risk of entrusting an incredible project to the designer. You will have to work hard to control all stages of development and your own knowledge may not be enough to confirm the final result. These final results are not guaranteed. Also, what software designers can develop developers and designer teams in a month in 3 months? Hiring an independent designer is not a bad idea, but you should consider all the risks of choosing this option.

Hire the Professionals
  • As an app design company, it can be said that there is the best possibility of hiring an agency.
  • Our team of experts in software development will implement your project faster.
  • Software designers have access to many software libraries and frameworks, as well as the necessary equipment, including testing devices and powerful support from the team knowledge.
  • The professional software development agency has experience, an optimized development process and corporate standards of code quality.
  • All the stages are supported with sets of tests, including the final check for the whole product stability and invulnerability.

All of the above can be done by the software developers in London. As your business partner, we are trying to help your business with concern.

Is the Design of the Android or iOS App Necessary?

Designing your own software improves employee productivity, accelerates business flow and allows users to perform business operations that consume a lot of time by simply clicking on the buttons on the smartphone. It will be a profitable investment. However, starting with a platform, you face important decisions in choosing iOS or Android. Both represent more than 90% of the market share of smartphones. Android has a market share of more than 80%, but Apple iOS has an 85% revenue for manufacturers. In addition, although Apple users tend to continue to use the iPhone, Android users often switch to another operating system. Before making a final selection, there are three main problems to answer.


What are your Markets: America, Europe, Asia and others?

High-income customers such as Europe and North America prefer the premium smartphone market. By choosing Android, you can take advantage of emerging markets such as Asia, Africa and South America.


Are you Planning to Monetize your App?

When implementing the purchase in the app or when requesting the use of the app, the average user of iOS uses 45% more than Android. The power consumption of iOS users is almost five times.


What Kind of Software do I Need to do?

In addition to fulfilling the information function, the app is complex, it can become an additional market channel as a retail app. If you want to make a retail app, the iOS platform is better for you. iOS users get 10% more in-app purchases and 15% more likely to visit online retail sites compared to Android users.

The cost is relatively similar, but several Android devices and brands can be a drawback of this platform. In other words, mobile designers must spend a lot of time searching, working well with all screen sizes and resolutions, and creating applications that generate additional cost.

Our Team

We cooperate with famous companies, small businesses and small start-ups to dominate the digital market. Our team consists of software engineers and designers who create applications and web applications on a variety of mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. We will focus on innovative technologies and world-class designs and provide users with functional and surprising applications.

  • Prototype

    Together with the architect throughout the process of creating the app, the project manager has the skills and qualifications to identify the main functions of the software project to meet the objectives and requirements of your business. They will propose a software solution that will serve you in the most efficient way. And they give more instructions to our designers and developers.
  • Development

    Our developers and designers use robots such as iOS, Android, Windows, Web, Java, ASP.NET, PHP, HTML5, programming languages ​​and software tools to create solid and reusable code Share with the industry.
  • Design

    Our designers of mobile devices and web create a wonderful concept that implements your brand with icons and logos and designers of UI / UX digital creators, regardless of whether your project is small or large. Make sure you have an intuitive interface for any device.
  • Quality Guarantee

    The quality control department consists of software experts who have enough experience to test the app throughout the process, find errors and flaws, and provide applications without errors to developers and designers.
  • Support

    You can launch a program in a store that navigates all restrictions fairly. Once it has been launched, we will assist you with expert advice on the best way to sell it. You can always rely on our help to continue your partnership to maintain and update your app.
Design and Development of Applications

On the Internet, the word "design" gained several meanings to become ambiguous words. For us, it is related to the appearance of the object, including the graphic design, the design and the color of the user interface.

The other is the entire process of creating an app.

Then, here, our app design agency will present the complete development process that includes the stages from initial investigation to the design of UI / UX and to the final app launch.

  • Interview with customers: identify the business objectives of the company and the customer's requirements.
  • Determine project priorities: Obtain the best results with minimal cost.
  • Research: study similar projects from the competition and find issues to take into account to make the software products better than the existing options.
  • Vertical target audience: consequently, build the logic and scalability of the project.
  • Creation of model: selectable draft that shows the mechanism of the app, although it is not working yet.
  • UI / UX design: graphic designers create several design interfaces to select the most attractive and easy to use for this particular feature.
  • MVP: our software programmer will code the app.
  • Testing and improvement: The QA team implements multiple tests to identify and eliminate errors, implements new code changes and tests until it meets the company's quality standards.
  • Version: We deliver the product to the client and send it to Apple store / Google Play.
Create a Commercial App

With the advent of smartphones in the market and access to Wi-Fi, business owners have discovered new ways to increase productivity and improve the customer experience. Entrepreneurs who are considering the future of small businesses to existing companies design an app for companies, either a business software solution to optimize workflow and improve internal collaboration and applications for small businesses. I'm trying hard.

  • Reach the target audience around the world and expand the customer base.
  • Keep a loyal customer that offers 24 hours 365 days of availability and rewards them with exclusive promotions.
  • Promote your brand by combining mobile applications, search engine optimization and social networks to improve traffic and make it stand out in a more prominent way.
  • We will improve customer comfort by providing beautifully designed applications with large-scale functions.
  • Application development offers new opportunities for companies to grow and gives customers the ability to get what they need.

Creative Agency in London

We are a creative agency based in London, which works in several industries:

  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Health care
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Restaurants and many other areas

As a designer of cutting-edge applications, we collaborate with leading brands and start-ups in the United Kingdom and Europe. We know how to make your idea come true with an outstanding digital solution, and we are designing an app that people want to use. Google designers will help you identify the best mobile strategy and launch high-quality applications. Our experience covers the iPhone, iPad, Android, web development and elevates the business to the next level. Our developers are prepared to meet the requirements with a multifunctional and easy-to-use product. Our work has not ended at the beginning. We use the analysis and comments from users to make more improvements and updates.

Let's talk!

Share your ideas and vision with our software engineers and designers and we will do everything possible to transform them into the best designed app.