App Developers: The revolutionaries of Tech

Mobile Application development is incomplete without including app developers. They are the masters of app development and facilitate a significant market growth. According to a stereotype, App Developers are those creatures that lurk in the dark, before the faint light of a computer, wearing thick glasses and sipping coffee all day long. As the legend goes, App Developers are actually the trendiest and hip people around. They know how the market moves and what it wants and they adjust accordingly. For a group of people who can foresee what their actions would do on a market as big as an App Store, they cannot afford to be old fashioned.
So where do these men of programming DNA come from? Since the days of the first smartphone, they are around. In the beginning, app developers could be counted, which means that people found app development to be interesting and jumped in, as there are millions of app developers around. However, only a bunch of lines of code cannot motivate someone to give in to this career, can it? Of course not. What motivates app developers is the taste of success, which is not money, but is the sweet feeling of gratification that comes when a vision becomes a reality. Discussing ideas aren’t their forte, as they know exactly what should be done. They stand for practicality and facilitate the growth of the billion dollar market that is the app store.
There are a lot of shortcomings and challenges that come with being an App Developer: everybody knows about working long hours, however those are not considered shortcomings. The greatest shortcomings come from people who have conflicting ideas about how to approach something, and even if managers can come to a middle ground, there is no middle ground in app development. The ethics of App Development is a code book consisting of hundreds of pages, and the work isn’t just coding and compilation. Another great shortcoming is source quench: when the budget isn’t big enough for the vision to become reality. That creates more heartbreak than the first love for App Developers.
App developers, contrary to popular belief, are of many types. There are the iOS developers, the Windows developers and the Android developers. There are other developers working on numerous mobile operating systems solutions as well. However, there aren’t the main kind of developers. With the advent of technology, other tributaries and distributaries of app developers have come up as well. Some of them develop Cloud based applications, some of them work for Wearable Technology, and some of them work for Internet of Things. With the market so diversified, having a particular set of skills would not, in most cases, work. Most app developers have an all-round knowledge of everything.
Every time you look at your smartphone, know that the people who put the “smart” in smartphone are app developers. They also make us smart, by directing our intelligence and common sense into using the service they are providing to accomplish the task at hand, be it calling for food delivery or just calculating the basic income tax returns.