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Today, the Apple App Store has more than 2 million mobile apps. Mobile software have been in demand since the introduction of smart and increasingly popular phones. Now the iphone app design company can help you convert anything into an app. Do you want this because the app can help you to stand out from your competitors and provide an incredible experience for your customers.

iPhone Design Guide

There are many tools and techniques that are not a daunting challenge. Xcode and Sketch are two useful platforms that provide designers and developers with convenience. Sketch, which contains all the possible templates you need and all the tools you need, as well as the Xcode asset catalog and storyboard, will allow you to create a functional prototype at any time. You can build a testable app in minutes.

Xcode for Designers

Storyboard mode allows you to use multiple screens. You can create a screen template without having to write a line of code by simply dragging the element. Everything you observe is based on the same technology and method as the final product. If you have technical problems throughout the design process, you can see them and test them at any time.

iPhone prototype

Xcode is the most surprising of its simplicity. As fast as a few minutes, you can create a four-page interconnected prototype. In addition, you can view on the iPhone. It's free, by the way. The UI design in Xcode is similar to the Sketch functionality and other code editors (such as SublimeText). However, using the object library and configuration properties may encounter some difficulties. Do not try using all the hundreds of options from the basics. Focus on what you know how to use the function. And do not overdo it - the Xcode function is infinite.

Getting Started

You'll have to create a brand new project - just select a single-page app and give it a name. Then save the project somewhere. Congratulations, you just created the first software project. Now let's explain what the asset catalog is - it organizes all the images and buttons into the sleek design of UI. You can use drag and drop to add features. Xcode will automatically combine 1x and 2x assets. To add more, it supports stretching that can be used for dynamic buttons. You can configure a scalable area to repeat so that you can stretch the element at any time.

Storyboard and Object

Xcode Storyboard is very similar to Artboard in Sketchboard. The iOS design is very intuitive with the Storyboard so you do not have to worry. It focuses on the visual experience when using the UI. To some extent it's easier than HTML5 and CSS, because at this stage you do not need to know any coding language to use it. The object library is where you drag and drop buttons, text, images, and other elements of the app. The best way to learn how to use it is to play. Quiet and fun, try various options. If you want to design a stand-alone product, try to make it look very personalized, not the standard Apple app. Knowing how exactly to use these objects will allow you to customize your design to fit your needs without departing from Apple's standards.

Media Library

After importing all the resources, they will be stored in the library. This is very convenient because when you add something to the asset directory, it is immediately displayed in the library. The display driver is similar to the outline sketch. You can see the full screen status and interaction. It can contain multiple sub-views, including text, views, buttons, table views, and so on. There are six types of transitions in the storyboard: vertical cover, horizontal flip, cross dissolution, partial bend, no, and push (navigation controller only). You must right-click and drag the object to which you want to connect.

Design and Test Your iPhone app

Xcode offers a great opportunity to design iPhone app. You should not skip this step. If you want your app to be perfect, you should test it rigorously after any modification is made. Testing is equally important for developers, coders, and managers - you can not avoid it. This is a great advantage for Xcode experts because other platforms do not offer the opportunity to test the software in the native environment.

Professional Mobile Development

When you learned the basics of Xcode, it’s time to design your first iPhone app. If you want to develop B2B, B2C or app software to solve your internal processes, our iPhone development companies can bring their ideas to life and get information on mobile technology and iPhone app design. Experience. We use the latest digital trends to create intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces that are critical to ROI and business value. Our experienced programmers and developers have the expertise to provide first-class iPhone apps that improve efficiency and increase sales.


iPhone App Designer Who cares

Our integration into the visual appeal, usability and rich functionality of each product brings many benefits to your company and your brand. Our excellent team can handle any project, be it a simple iPhone app for personal use, or a complex business solution for large companies.

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  • Skilled iPhone Design Expert;
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  • Post-launch service and ongoing maintenance.

Technology we apply

Our designers can keep abreast of new technologies for a long time, proficient in the following languages and tools:

  • IPhone software;
  • Web service;
  • JSON (JavaScript) iOS web design;
  • Push integration of notifications;
  • Integration of payment systems and online e-commerce.

Design your iPhone application with professionals

Every time a consumer spends a lot of time on the mobile Internet, having a business app is a must because it makes their brand visible to the widest range of smartphone users. In our digital agency, designers are always looking for perfection and the interest in the success of the project is not just you, because it is a perfect opportunity to prove our knowledge and reputation. Our iPhone designer team delivered a lot of successful solutions and ready to convert considerable knowledge into your project. We offer custom software design services that can provide you with a comprehensive marketing strategy to help build the user base of your app.

iOS design services

So you have a top-of-the-line solution that will win the love of your clients and bring business to a new level? Contact experts and let us talk. Make sure you get:

  • Advanced features

    If you want to create high technology products, we will put all the latest news in your plan. On the technical side, our digital company are away from the competitors.

  • Software for all devices

    You can be sure that your product will support all old devices and new devices. If you wish, we will make the solution compatible with more than 5 years for smartphones.

  • Promotion of the iOS app

    Our software marketing experts will provide services and consult best practices to get in touch with your customers.

  • Latest mobile operating system support

    We guarantee that your app will be compatible with the last three versions of iOS. If you want it to be supportive of the old version, we can follow the requirements.

  • Updated regularly

    Our IT team provides ongoing support, regular updates, bug fixes, and optimization for created apps.

  • Combination of cross device design

    Our experienced designers will ensure that all graphics and visual images are available in the market for all iPhone models that look good on the screen.

iPhone app maintenance

We provide other services to monitor your performance, collect valuable user data, and improve your app throughout its life cycle.

Great design

Our designers create stunning visual effects and an intuitive interface to ensure the most exciting result for your clients.

Satisfied Expectations

There is not even a chance that you will not fall in love with the created programs. We use passion and love as a means to create software for the best results.

Let's work together

Contact us by email or call us - it will be good to exceed your expectations in the design of professional apps. Our iPhone designers and programmers strive to do our best and meet your highest requirements.