Developing an App: a Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Appropriate Developers

If you know it's time for developing an app, upgrade your business to the next level. In the age of technology, software development is required. More than 2 billion people around the world use smartphones and can access the Internet that use mobile tools for their business. Turn your potential readers into your loyal customers with attractive and functional mobile software. But where do you start? Here you can find some guidelines to help you develop an app and market your product. You are on the road with a good starting point.

Plan your Project

We will get key ideas and important issues to solve. Create a list of the most important problems and consider whether you can find an existing digital solution.

Identify consumer needs Walk through your shoes and see what they are looking for. Please predict the missing functions. You can check your ideas with the Google Keyword Planner tool and see how many people are looking for what you are about to do. Look at the review and see how your solution will be better than the existing ones. Your program should be what people want to use.

  • Let's think about the main functions of the design. We will create a mental map to list all the features you have or to make it visually appealing. The details are useful for the evaluation of the process.
  • Create a minimum feature list. In the first version, you do not have to add only the functionality you only need to see if it works. See the list of features you have composed and just choose what you need. It can help you save your money initially and reach your customer faster.
  • Please pay attention to the design. An attractive and easy to use design is very important for companies and brand promotion. Many entrepreneurs believe that the basic design is sufficient, the main thing is functionality. Do not make your mistakes. Its design is so basic that even if it is difficult to understand how to use it, the whole project will fail. The design is related not only to the appearance but also to the user experience.

How to make an app

In addition, to choose which native, web or hybrid applications to compile, you must choose a way to do it. There are several ways to develop mobile applications for companies.

  • Free software tool.
  • Redesign of standard apps.
  • Resources and open source framework.
  • Develop a custom app.
  • Know each of these options and collect the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Free Software Tool

If you do not want to hire the IT company, but do not have the coding capabilities, you can find a free software development app on the Internet. The developing tutorial videos, manuals and websites will help you build your first mobile program. Types of apps, from among the thousands of templates (business, social networks, music, etc.) is selected, select what you like, customize with additional features, which is now ready Please comply with the information about the business .


  • A quick and easy way to develop an app
  • Free development
  • Without coding


  • Limited function
  • Monthly payment for maintenance
  • There is no guarantee that it works on all devices

Redesign of Standard Apps

The concept of "standard app" is not widely used, but the most popular e-commerce app, that is, the user's JMango360 development tool is well known. This is a type of program generator that is easily integrated into the Magento. If you are satisfied with the available features of standard applications for e-commerce, this is the best solution for adding custom graphic elements. The main disadvantage is that you can not change the solution, customize it or add additional functions.


  • Save time
  • No coding
  • Easy to do


  • Limited function
  • You can only change the design, not the user interface
Developing iOS App

If you have enough programming skills, you can save considerable time, so work with these resources. The idea of ​​an open source resource is that developers can create their own applications so that other developers can use their code to make their own modifications. Therefore, developers do not need much time to write the complete code. In other words, there is an existing infrastructure that only adds functions.


  • Save time
  • The result is a fully functional app


  • You must be a developer with excellent coding skills.
  • You need to spend a lot of time to fully understand the code.
  • For example, some licenses have some limitations.
  • You can not use it for commercial purposes.
  • You must be able to access changes to other users.
  • There is no guarantee that there is no error in the code.

In short, to create an app that uses open source resources, it might be good for people who have mastered programming skills, it may be good for people who want to create an app in order to earn real money. I will do.

Create a Custom App

Finally, we can hire a team of professional developers like us. Please, tell me about your idea. We will find the best digital solution for you. You are the one who always controls the situation.


  • There are no restrictions on the functions, changes and changes of the app according to the growing business needs.
  • High quality products.
  • Investment that generates income and pay off.


  • It takes time
  • Relatively expensive

If you need professional tools, the correct solution is to place an order with an app development company.

How to develop apps?

It can be difficult when you start developing your app for the first time. You must decide whether you want to develop a native, web-based, or hybrid program. Let's find out the difference between these three types.


Developing Native Apps

Native applications are developed for specific platforms and optimized for sets of devices such as iPhone and iPad. The advantage of developing a program of this type is to take advantage of all the benefits and interact with the operating system. The main thing is that the number of errors is small. This app is available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play. The main advantages are the following.

  • The fastest, most reliable and responsive experience for users.
  • A broader function can be implemented.
  • Automatic notifications can also be used in native applications as needed.

In other words, they are perfect for your business, but they cost much more than a web-based app.


Creation of Web-based Software

Web-based applications are available from browsers such as Chrome and Safari. You can also download it. They are easier, cheaper and can be developed much faster than native analogues. However, the main drawbacks are the following.

  • Internet connection is required.
  • It was developed especially to achieve specific functions (special grammar control, some design modes, complex calculations, etc.).
  • It is not as attractive as a native one.

Hybrid App

While it is not known that the best for, iOS, Android, Windows, please try the hybrid app other platforms that integrates the best practices of mobile applications (multiplatform). The fact that the creation of a professional hybrid solution, in order to avoid conflicts between architecture, architecture on all platforms, test, and is necessary to perform maintenance, at the same time, two to three times higher than It's expensive too. Of course, such a solution is not as fast as a native. Normally, hybrid applications have some errors due to internal conflicts, but they are not important for many users, young manufacturers are developing solutions

Estimated Cost for the Development of your App

How much it will cost to develop a software solution without discussing it in detail. Here, explain the process of creating the app for you and tell me the approximate real price of the commercial tool.

The development process consists of several parts.

Creation of MVP (minimum survival product)

In the discussion with the client, we judge the function of the app and the client's request. Next, we carry out our own research, create a viable minimum product, a software program with main functions, and begin a detailed evaluation to continue improving.


As soon as you get the MVP design, the designer will find the best and most intuitive way to configure that component. The User Experience Test helps you create easy-to-use and easy-to-use apps. In addition to the ease of use, designers are also working on its appeal. We will create some designs that you can choose. Your opinion in the process of developing is important for us, since you are the one who knows what is right for your business.

Next Step - Development

A team of professional developers is responsible for the architecture, features, updates and maintenance of your app. Identify the most effective way that technology can meet your needs. With perfect coding skills, they will produce high quality products for you. Quality assurance is an important element of our work. The QA section makes it work correctly and work correctly.

Marketing your Mobile or Web App

In our experience, you can launch applications effectively in Apple Store and Google Play and get the most effective approach for your target audience. We will prepare the illustration and explanation of the project to highlight the attractiveness of the client and make the ROI visible.

Of course, all projects require their own cost estimates and the best way to provide real figures is to call us and describe your idea in detail.


Our development team is happy to support you in the app creation from the beginning up to the launch of the software. We have worked in IT for more than 9 years and have enough experience in the development of software solutions for iOS and Android platforms. We can handle several programming languages ​​and create native, web-based or hybrid apps. Get in touch with us today and make your new business go ahead of your competitors.