Mobile App Development UK: Leverage the Leading Mobile Platform Lead

Our mobile app development UK specialists have a solid inter-industry experience that can help you create amazing applications, optimise your digital strategy and add value to your business through mobile technology.

iOS design

When iO was released in 2007, our digital agents were the first applications to start developing Apple's operating system and were launched in the new App Store. As a result, we have mastered the perfect tools for creating iPhone and iPad software, and we have provided hundreds of successful iOS apps. Apple's iPhone demand continues to grow, the iPhone 6s model crowned the world's best-selling smartphone, sold 14.2 million units in the second quarter of 2016. The development of the iPhone is increasing and Apple's App Store is the world's leading mobile market.

Customized solutions that fit all industries

In addition, we are at the forefront of virtual reality, portable solutions. We sharpen the technology and successfully implement innovative applications to change the way companies operate, improve overall productivity, and ensure continued growth. At our software development company, we do not believe in a single solution, and strive to develop unique products that perfectly fit your specific requirements. If you want to upgrade your business to a new level, please contact us.

Easy-to-use site

In view of the almost unlimited number of smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets with different display sizes, you can not create the version of your site and will be easily viewed on all devices. Responsive site design allows the developer to cover a wide variety of devices and ensures that the site automatically adjusts its own screen size.

How the responsive design works

In response to site design using the HTML5 markup language and the CSS3 style sheet language advantage, its code is adjusted to load the page, retrieve the display resolution of the data. Responsive design allows the site to adapt to different displays, scaling the image, moving the text box and even hide some of the elements of the site, which is inconvenient to use the device.

Why friendly UX is needed?

With the use of smartphones that exceeds the amount of desktop use and the increase in mobile internet traffic, it is clear that mobile-friendly website design is a must. Responsive website design is a perfect solution for all users who can see the business, regardless of the device they use to access your site. If you need more information on our smartphone and tablet solutions, let us know and we'll answer any questions you may have.

Mobile web development services

Mobile networks are very important. 2014 is the first time that smartphone and tablet internet users overcome the traffic from the desktop devices. Statistics are especially important for marketers, and now they should remember that most web searches are done by tablets and smartphones. If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, Google's search engine will treat it as irrelevant. In our web design agency, we have created several network solutions.

Professionally created application

Our designers and teams of developers have been providing first-class mobile applications, websites and custom business solutions during many years and have been focused on the modern trends in iOS and Android development.


Mobile app development on Android

Google's Android mobile operating system was first launched in 2008. Since then, it has become the most popular mobile platform in the world, so that most smartphones and tablets can be achieved. The Google Play store for Android applications is still the top product for more than 2.4 million apps available for download.

Our web and website creation company has been designing applications for Android from the start and has recently transformed our experience into a portable device for Android applications. The development of Android and the development of iOS are significantly different, the need for their understanding and in-depth understanding of the architecture and public. In our mobile app development company, we have mastered the exquisite craftsmanship of Android programming.


Creation of hybrid applications

Applications based on HTML5 markup language are common in modern digital markets. It can create products that look like native apps, but are similar to mobile sites. Despite many shortcomings, HTML5-based applications can bring many benefits:

  • HTML5 continues to evolve;
  • Hybrid applications can work on different operating systems and devices;
  • You can remotely upgrade Web-based applications;
  • Hybrid applications are a good solution for emerging markets.

Of course, this platform should be based on the requirements of your project to choose, should be discussed with the developers to make the right decision.

Landing page optimization

Optimizing your site's search engine is great, but there is also an important aspect that can not be ignored - landing page optimization. SEO is a strategy to provide more traffic to your application or website. LPO (Landing Page Optimization) is the art and science that translates this traffic into real profits and purchases. In our digital company, we have great experience in optimizing your landing page to ensure increased conversions, increased sales, and successful business goals. LPO is a process that continually improves the functionality and elements of the site to attract more customers.

LPO specialists

You can design a landing page that can target certain highly targeted audiences. Our mobile marketing team is proficient in different landing page optimization strategies that work best for specific industries and viewers. We can easily identify what will be and what is not suitable for your brand. Our experts have improved the weaknesses and strengthened the benefits to maximize conversions on your site.

How do I optimize landing pages?

To ensure that your landing page is the best, you need to focus on the key elements of the project and run A / B tests to find the best combination of these elements. Have you encountered issues or the astonishing high jump rate of your website? Then it is time to modify the landing page because it is the first impression of the brand of the customer on behalf of their products and services.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that has changed dramatically with the introduction of Google's new search engine policy. Keeping your site optimized, search engines is the key to your brand's online awareness. SEO will generate organic traffic to your site. In our application design company, we understand SEO techniques and strategies to ensure that your site is rich in Google search results. We focus on mobile devices, organic traffic and convertible lines.

Website design

The landing page always has a single specific purpose, it carries a single message and a memorable action notification. As a result, we build unique landing pages for each product or service, your unique use, information, and calls to action. User experience is another important aspect, especially if you use pay per click advertising to generate traffic. In order to provide a good user experience, you must ensure that your website, its design, style and content are exactly the same as the user clicks on the commercials that visit your site. Our digital strategy experts have developed many successful LPO strategies to add conversions and add value to customers' business.

London development company

Our web development company in London will guide you through the entire software development process, ensuring that all product requirements are met and delivered in a timely manner. We are willing to communicate closely with customers, and jointly establish mutually beneficial cooperation. We have a lean development process and a flexible cost, and our team of multicultural experts will undoubtedly find a common language with your company representatives. Contact us so we are will commit to expanding your business.