An inventorying mobile application

We had a task to build a utility tool for Android devices that would enable tracking and inventorying equipment which our client provides to retailing companies. We have implemented GPS and barcode scanning functionality to allow staff to track movements of in-store equipment. We also were asked to integrate internal ERP system as one of the core features of the program. We let to automate and streamline the record-keeping process. With the help of the program, company representatives can map their routes according to the trade locations and scan equipment barcodes and automatically compare it with the existing figures in the ERP system and form reports making it fast and hence streamline the installation and inventory processes.


Fan Support

A mobile app that connects music fans with favourite artists

Our customer approached with the idea of the creation of an audio-streaming mobile application which will let fans to get in touch with artists and support their upcoming projects. The application presents a fan-sourced funding platform with an emphasis on the entertainment element centralised around music sharing. The app plays two roles: it lets users enjoy the music of their favourite artists and get in touch with them, and allow artists to promote new projects and find support for them. Thus, it encourages projects funding, lets musicians grow and advertise their projects, connects fans with artists, and enables audio streaming.



A web system for files backup

One of our projects was dedicated to the development of a software system for users’ support and creation for them backups and files restoring opportunities. We built a system which provides multiple options and schedules for restoring selected files in the selected folders. The system presents a web application that enables users to create secure backups to the destination they prefer which includes Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and FTP. The app maintains and manages users’ records for a fee determined by our customer according to the user license. Users can use the following functionality: store and restore files, create schedules for data backups, and have optional data compression.



A utility app for tracking time spent on a particular work

Our customer approached us with an idea of a creation a utility application that could enable time tracking during the performance of a specific task and monitoring the employees’ activity during the work day. We build a program that lets users submit their timesheets to the managers and auditors and get a review and approve. A time tracking system eliminates dual timesheet data entry and allows to time tasks performance in a more efficient manner.



A mobile social-networking app for students

The project was dedicated to the development of an Android and iOS app for students and tutors to provide them with a hub that informs students about upcoming classes and let them provide feedback to their tutors while tutors can request the feedback from students. This tool provides everyday communication between students and tutors improving the educational process and impressions from the classes. Tutors can also create a form of feedback whether it is a ranking or open-ended questions. The tool also provides a checking into classes system.


Mobile Directory

A mobile application for international network’s members

Working with an international accounting firm, we were asked to make a mobile application that would make their contact details more accessible and available on the smartphones. We developed a dynamic directory app that backed up with web server providing real-time updates to all the members of the company. Our client required the apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms and we ensured that every app delivered excellent user experience and updating automatically via the web ensuring that members always have access to the relevant information.