The Best Team for Software Development in the UK

An experienced team of software developers based in the UK design efficient digital solutions for companies of all sizes.

Development of Business Software in the UK

If you are looking for an accredited development agency with experience in the UK to create software for your business, we are offering a series of individual solutions in a number of industries. Our developers can create all kinds of online solutions from cloud-based applications, including native mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, content management systems, responsive websites.

Software development tailored to your needs in the UK

We are developing custom business software for all purposes to incorporate the latest technology, use advanced tools to improve the productivity of the company and get closer to new customers in the UK. Our ambitious and enthusiastic developers are challenging in terms of developing software that delivers true value. Our successful products include customer relationship management systems for large courier companies, educational applications for famous UK university students, online reservation systems for railway companies, custom accounting systems for the major UK retailers. United, etc. Yes.


How we Design the Software

Even if we want to develop a backend system that increases the efficiency of internal business processes, even if we need a customer-oriented solution to establish consumer trust and loyalty, our experts are easy to use and affordable. Feature-rich solution Covers the specific needs of your business and attracts customers. Our business analysts take the time to fully understand your business and your target audience and to propose an efficient solution that fully suits your process.

  • Web-based app with local database, in the cloud, remote or multiple users.
  • Front-end compatible website with hosting based on databases.
  • Hosted program based on the web with a feature-rich customer relationship management system.
  • App constellation composed of integrated front-end, back-end, B2B and B2C applications.
  • A desktop program with a cloud or local database that can be synchronised with the central database.
  • Native software with remote or local databases.

Advanced Solutions from Expert Developers

  • We design business applications using the following technologies.
  • Secure messenger.
  • QR code scanner (barcode) for online tickets, purchases and administration systems.
  • A customer-oriented app accessible from the desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone on the road, allowing customers to access information and features at any time they need it.
  • Time management app to notify users about recent events and actions: it is not necessary to rely on memory or handwritten lists.
  • Automatic report to quickly and accurately understand your business.
  • A system that predicts inventory levels to minimize risks and maintain inventory at optimal levels.
  • In addition, our SPECIALIS list allows you to integrate your programs with any software and tools such as existing corporate programs, online payment systems, marketing tools, social networks.

Who Owns the Source Code?

Our main goal is to offer our customers an app that provides a superior user experience. We also seek to establish a long-term partnership with customers. At the end of the work, the intellectual property rights of the final product will be acquired.

You do not need to pay a license or other fee, since you are a legitimate owner of the product and its source code.

We do not build products using our own tools, add-ons or other technologies. In other words, the life cycle of the app is not limited, and if you need to make changes to the software, developers can change it.

Activity After the Launch

We constantly strive to provide first class software products that meet customer expectations and add value to the business. Therefore, we do not withdraw after real development. Our experts continuously support, improve and update the products to maximize the use of our products.

  • Describe the specification of a comprehensive software requirement and explain everything without using specific terms that can not be understood.
  • Employees train to use software on their premises or at the London headquarters. However, our program is intuitive and easy to use, so no training is needed.
  • Provide maintenance and ongoing support at an additional cost and provide live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through development and problem solving specialists.
  • Organize the program using the hosting service to pay an additional fee. For those who do not want to install special hardware on a server in the facilities, they can boast a fast, secure and scalable hosting that offers many advantages.

Our app development process

We have extensive experience in informational technologies and software development, such as HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, CSS3, web services, etc. Our experienced project manager will keep you informed about the progress and steps taken by the team during the whole development process. You will have full access to everything you design. Therefore, you can touch the product, you can make changes in the software requirements on the way. Development.

Web app and website development in the UK

In our software design company in the UK, we are building a user-friendly, secure and efficient web app that works with all popular browsers and can be adjusted to all screen sizes with a responsive design. Most working hours of modern people are no longer limited to 9 hours per day. Today, employers in the UK need access to documents, contacts, events and other commercial materials at all times. It is exactly what web applications offer, and access to all business processes is possible. Our programmers can develop something from business systems based on mobile devices that increase mobility and allow remote access to field staff, build brand loyalty and connect customers with custom tools.

Why is it Necessary to Develop wWeb Applications?

A web app is a software program that runs in a web browser, such as a program that a mobile app runs on a smartphone or tablet. The development of web applications has gained enormous popularity in recent years. Such dissemination is mainly in ease of use. You can access from the device where the browser is installed. Now you can access from your smartphone. This is very important since most people prefer surfing the Internet from mobile devices. You can use it without downloading and installing them.

Why do you Cooperate with the UK Development Company?

Regardless of the development of enterprise web applications to manage corporate expenses, web solutions distributed to customers' clients and programs that provide customers with information about products and services, the target audience of customers and employees love is the period shorter to offer products.

The software development process usually begins with the discovery of the business, the needs and requirements, the public's objective and the definition of long-term business objectives. Without a doubt, we translate vast experiences into products and bring many creative ideas to the project during development. Depending on the needs of your business, our digital agency can provide various types of web applications that fit your business and meet your specific requirements.

Web App Function

Over the years, we have designed a web app that provides the following functions.

  • Automate routine processes, data processing, reports, content management, printing processes, etc.
  • Encourage social activities so that users can add friends, share publications, create customized reports and conduct surveys.
  • Get analytics to monitor user activity and traffic, feedback from UK users, and gather information about customers.
  • Use the graphics widget to track project progress, monitor resources, and highlight important or important data.
  • Present the advanced self-help function to reduce the burden on the customer service team.
  • It uses advanced privileges to provide various levels of access to software functions.
Development of Custom Web Applications in the UK

All the applications that we create are highly reactive designs to guarantee work between all the different devices. The responsive design allows you to adapt your app to a variety of screens, including desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and laptops. Each element of the program adapts to the resolution of the screen to ensure readability and ease of use, such as menus, controls, buttons, text boxes.

When you enter a form from a mobile device, the elements are reduced and some of them disappear and provide the most comfortable experience on a particular device.

If you want to build a web app or have any questions about the software development in the UK, do not hesitate to contact us - our experts are here to help.